A suggestion for new genetic stock for Valley of Rocks goats tourist enhancement and environmental control of invasive woody vegetation.

An essay on alternative thinking.

At present the goat consultant of the Council prefers the smaller pure breed Cheviot goat stock as opposed to VoR stock which is hybridized with British Saanan Goats. These are the large horned male goats which have just been culled. The Cheviot stock, introduced to improve the variability were not hefted in the region and have given some problems. Why not reinforce the VoR hybrid stock with new blood from the Atlas Mountains. They have fantastic tree climbing abilities when searching for Argan oil nuts. A short acclimatization programme, spraying sycamore fruits with Argan oil, could lead to a major tourist attraction and help in the problem of Sycamore invasion.
Genuine photo Moroccan Goat in Argan Tree