Report of Roundup 1.10.14

The rut was still in progress so males and females were on the Valley - which was helpful.  Haylage [Silage made from grass that has been partially dried] and water were placed in the enclosure to encourage animals in.  This was quite successful as 23 goats were already captured by the time the time the roundup started.  Two nannies had to be euthanized as they had lost their udders (Probably due to mastitis earlier in the year when two kids were killed by dogs - their mothers would have been in full milk at the time) so would not be able to feed future young. The rest of the herd were in good health and had their usual treatment for ticks, worms, lice etc.

The question of why goats access the woods and town when is rough is quite straightforward.  Goats do not have protection from wet conditions.  They try to get into the woods and town for shelter.  There is more than adequate food in the Valley at all times of the year but very little shelter.

It is not a case of dominant males pushing out the younger ones.  In fact, the males form bachelor groups that consist of a mixture of ages.  The majority of goats getting into the woodland and town are the largest and old oldest animals who, because of their size, have more difficulty finding shelter when weather conditions are bad.

The next roundup in the spring will see a continuation of the contraceptive programme that appears to going well.