Ash Ranges


The new home of some Lynton goats will be the Ash Ranges in Surrey. The Surrey Wildlife Trust and the Ministry of Defence estates recently signed a grazing agreement and the goats are eagerly awaited. The area represents one the most outstanding areas of lowland heath in Surrey and totals about 1390 hectares. The vegetation is varied consisting of pine woodlands, heather moorland which in places have been invaded by birch trees. For those of you who wish to see more of the area search internet for multi-map, as place type “Ash Vale” , choose bird’s eye view and then pan east (right) and click on camera that appears, use the navigation bottom right or buttons top right to change position One sees an aerial view as illustrated, tracks and firebreak areas can be seen as well as the pine trees (green) and birch (yellow-brown) heather areas are purple-brown and bracken brown. On the ground it looks even better.

The goats fall under the responsibility of Mr. James Adler and first will have to remain in quarantine until results of TB testing are known. They all have to be eared tagged with the Lynton herd and individual numbers before transportation.

For those who wish to have more information on the area SWT have a fact sheet on the internet.


Hardy cattle also graze the area and there are some 10 Kashmir goats from the Great Orme already there. So far there have been no incidents with unexploded ordinance and the animals. However, it is difficult to explain to the young billies that although it is MoD land they have a grazing manager and not a goat major, as in the Welsh Guards

James Adler   A Goat Major