Friends of the Goats -
Lynton Feral Goat Preservation Society


1. Aims

To promote the welfare and preservation of the feral goats which reside in the Valley of the Rocks, Lynton, through co-operation, education, management, fund-raising and publicity. Specifically, it is hoped to achieve this through: -

1. Working with the Lynton and Lynmouth Town Council, The Exmoor National Park and any other appropriate body to promote and ensure the welfare of the goats.

2. Informing and educating the community, including visitors, about the goats.

3. Raising funds in order to provide additional facilities for the benefit or care of the goats, or for such other purpose as will benefit the goats or the membership.

4. Publicising the existence of the goats, their history and progress, and of the Friends of the Goats society, and its aims, where that publicity would be of benefit to the welfare of the goats.

The society will also aim to represent the views of the majority of members of the Friends Of The Goats, on any issue which concerns or affects either the welfare of the goats or of the society.

2. Membership

1. Open to all upon payment of an annual membership fee.

2. Additionally, Associate Membership may be granted at the discretion of the Committee, where an individual is felt to make a significant contribution to the Friends of The Goats

3. Membership can also be withdrawn at the discretion of the Committee.

4. Members are invited to attend an Annual General Meeting, at which an annual report will be published, and their views will be sought, and at which they will be asked to vote for a new Committee. In addition, Extraordinary General Meetings may be called to deal with a particular issue.

5. An Extraordinary General Meeting can be called by any group of six members, in the following way:-

By informing the-Committee, in writing, at least two weeks in advance of the meeting, and ensuring that at least three Committee members are able to attend (to include either the Chairman or a Deputy Chairman nominated by the Chairman.)

By arranging the premises for such a meeting:

By ensuring that all members of the Friends of The Goats are informed in writing, of the meeting.

Normal rules for the running of a General Meeting then apply; i.e. the Chairman of the Friends of The Goats conducts the meeting and invites the members who have asked for the Extraordinary General Meeting to speak, giving the reason(s) for calling the meeting. Other members will also be given the opportunity to discuss the issue(s). A proposal must be made and seconded, with the further opportunity given for members to speak for and against the proposal. A vote may be taken; it may then be incumbent upon the Committee to take action upon any such proposal.

3. Subscriptions/Membership Fees

1. The rate of the annual subscription for membership will be as approved at an Annual General Meeting.

2. Membership is to be paid at the Annual General Meeting, or as soon as possible thereafter, and will run for one year from the date of the Annual General Meeting.

3. Members whose membership has lapsed for more than six months will be deemed to have resigned.

4. Friends Of The Goats Society Expenditure & Fund Raising

l. No member shall gain material or financial profit from the funds or from the activities of the Society. Legitimately incurred expenses may however be reimbursed from Society funds at the discretion of the Committee.

2. The Committee may utilise funds for improvements to facilities, which will benefit the goats, and to make donations to such appropriate local charities and appeals, which will benefit the goats. Funds may also be used for research or research materials, for veterinary care of the goats, for publicity and education and any other matters agreed by the Committee.

3. Members are to be kept informed of major expenditure through a Newsletter or The Lyn Valley News.

4. The Committee is authorised to organise events to raise additional funds for the Friends of The Goats, and to seek additional funds in the form of grants and donations.

5. In the event of the Society ceasing to exist, all funds remaining following payment of any outstanding accounts, will be transferred to an appropriate alternative charity, or charities, to be agreed by the membership at a public meeting.

5. Committee Meetings

1. Committee meetings are to be held bimonthly or when called by the Chairman.

2. Three members of the Committee must be present to form a quorum.

3. In the event of a tied vote in a Committee decision, the Chairman may have an additional casting vote.

4. A Committee member who fails to attend three consecutive committee meetings will be deemed to have resigned, except in exceptional circumstances.

6. Composition of the Committee

1. The affairs of the Friends Of The Goats will be managed by a Committee consisting of the following members, all of whom are to be elected by a majority vote at an Annual General Meeting: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and up to four others.

2. Each Annual General Meeting may elect additional members to the Committee as deemed necessary to ensure the smooth running of the Friends Of The Goats, or may reduce the Committee to no fewer than 4 people, to include at least a Chairman, Treasurer and Secretary.

3 The Committee may co-opt one or more members as the need arises. Such co-opted membership will terminate at the next AGM when a new Committee shall be elected.

4. All members of the Committee must be fully paid up members of the Friends Of The Goats.

5. Members who wish to stand for election at the Annual General Meeting to the Committee should inform the Chairman, at least two weeks before an AGM, by submitting a written nomination which has been proposed and seconded by two other fully paid up members of the Friends Of The Goats. They must indicate for which post on the Committee they wish to stand.

6. Members may not be elected to the Committee in their absence unless they have indicated in writing, in advance of the meeting, that they are willing to stand, and have been proposed and seconded (also in writing) by fully paid up members of the Friends Of The Goats.

7. In the event of more than one candidate standing for election for a particular post, then members must vote for one or other candidate, or abstain from voting.

8. When a post is contested then each candidates should be allowed to address the membership with their reasons for standing for election.

9. Candidates should not be present when an election by show of hands takes place. A written ballot is preferable, where possible.

10. A candidate who has stood for election to a particular committee post but who has been out voted by another may be offered an alternative, uncontested position, at the Chairman's discretion.

11. In the event of no nominations for a particular Committee position, it may be offered to any Member present at the AGM who indicates a willingness to serve.

12. Existing Committee Members may stand for re-election at an Annual General Meeting, although they may not be elected in their absence, unless they have indicated in writing, in advance of the meeting, that they are willing to stand. They must have been proposed and seconded (also in writing) by fully paid up members of the Friends Of The Goats.

7. Duties of the Committee

1. To serve for the period of one year.

2. To attend all regular Committee meetings and such additional or alternative meetings as called by the Chairman.

3. To attend the Annual General Meeting and any other General Meeting of the full membership as may be called.

4. To represent the views of the Friends Of The Goats members at Committee Meetings.

5. To carry out such tasks as appropriate to their post which are necessary for the smooth running of the organisation of the Friends Of The Goats.

6. To carry out such other responsibilities as may be agreed between that individual and the Chairman.

7. To keep members informed of the activities of the Committee (as at 4.3)