Dark Quest has become darker

The Council have ignored the advice of its own Management Commitee with representatives from such bodies as Exmoor National Park, Natural England (2)[former English Nature and Defra] FoG and others. It ignores the fact that 176 local people petitioned in 1 day against the cull versus 100 for, and in fact they seem to ignore anything.

Unfortunately, in great secrecy, the Council has culled 24 billies, without any outside observers and without informing the RSPCA or the grazier. The RSPCA has checked all of the official incinerating places and there is no record of the bodies being received. We suspect the worst that they were taken to the local hunt as food for the hounds.

There is a local action group who wish to start political action over the cull.

If you wish you can write a letter to Mr. J Travis and /or Mrs E. Rodway Town Hall, Lee Road, Lynton EX35 6HT.

A few of the billies seem to have escaped, including the large grey one whose photo is on a previous news letter, but scattered over a large area of the Valley, shy and difficult to find, we are still searching.

Councillor Hibbert, who ititiated the cull publicallymany days later (Western Morning News tues 22 nd May that she did not know how many animals had been killed - but they were all billies. Brilliant management.

With all this secrecy there must have been dark things going on