The female goats are currently to be found in small-scattered groups along the steep coastal slopes below North Walk on the way to Castle Rock and also on Rugged Jack.

The males are all over the place at the moment, probably due to the disturbance with the fence construction. They are sometimes still to be seen in the main valley, which is quite at this time of year. Some groups have also been seen high on South cliff, which is unusual, perhaps they are already changing grazing routines due to the fence.

Mysteriously ill goat in August. (left)

The RSPCA then helped the vet treat the animal.  (right)  He has recovered and is roaming with the large black male below. 

This similar grey goat with white rear legs wandered all the way to Porlock and was returned with the assistance of the RSPCA. We would like to thank them for all their help.

Other large old males are either grazing alone or loosely mixing with feeding nannies in irregular groups of no definite formation.

The rumour of breakaway herds or even 3 herds is completely ill founded.

On two different days a total of 52 goats were counted, which is a comforting thought.