We ponies are all in a thither over the death leap of poor Doodle. As you know we are a bit of a restless lot and are easily spooked. Having said that we do not think that the ghost of Jennefried Wichehalse called him from the past, it was so long ago that she leapt from the cliffs at Lee Abbey. So what did terrify him so much to jump over the stock-fence and then over the cliff to crash to his death?

We did not see what happened, or what terrified him out of his wits. Logically it may have been a large dog out of control and worrying him. But them in the Council will not put signs on North Walk gate. If they had Doodle may still have been alive! What would have happened if he had stampeded along the path and people were in the way? Humans are difficult to understand. Maybe poor Doodle will be the first Exmoor Pony to get a sea burial. We heard from a passing seagull that one of his back legs was completely ripped off from his body (the gruesome details are omitted from the picture. The big boss of the Town Hall mentioned the mysterious Exmoor Beast on the prowl? whatever it may be With all this going on maybe we should leave the Valley. Then on Friday 28th September, Spirit, he is the oldest of us took fall and broke his back. The vet was called and he had to be put to sleep. He is properly buried on the farm. Only cloven-hoofed animals have to be incinerated you see.

Now we are six