Ellinor C Addis

Hayley The Pony

Hey it's me Hayley. As you can see I am out in a paddock on Six Acre Farm and been there for some 6 months now. I have grown quite big and have my first winter coat. When it is cold the Missus brings me back into my warm stable. I have to get used to life on the farm, which is not easy as my friend, the old donkey, Susie died recently and I do not get many visitors Odd riding horses come down the bridle path sometimes, so I have some connections. I do not hear too much about the ponies in Valley - a few whispers now and then. I gather that all this business about poisonous sprays has been solved at last. I have heard that the park bosses have even put up a sign in the E.N.P. car park and they are all pleased about that, but would have preferred to be called by name, after all we are Ponies!

Animals Graze Here

Otherwise since the last deaths nothing eventful has happened, and life has carried on as usual.