The nannies with kids are still down on the cliffs below the coastal path whilst those without parental responsibilities are often on Rugged Jack or near Chimney Rock. They are all scattered in smaller groups and it was not possible to make an accurate count, a problem Ray Werner also had.

The goat on the ledge seemed to be stranded there for 3 days with a bleating kid trying to get to mum. There were numerous telephone calls (thanks to all you dog walkers and others). This happened a year ago on the same ledge. John Rodway brought a rope and a bale of straw, which had to be carried from the toilets along to the coastal path, manoeuvred up to above the ledge. The idea is that the goat can step on the bale and jump away. On lowering the bale the goat took one look at the proceeding, turned around and to a flying jump of the ledge to safety. She was immediately reunited with her kid and moved off along the slope. Next time we will try a large skippy ball first-much lighter the than straw bale, so if anyone can donate and old skippy ball it can be put to good use