At a special council meeting on 25th May, Lynton and Lynmouth Council voted at last to go ahead with fencing the east side of the Valley of Rock. The Valley is very overgrown and, as it is an SSSI, needs to be kept in prime condition. The Commoner will put out Exmoor ponies and sheep in the valley and these, together with the goats, will graze, browse and trample the vegetation and keep it down. To stop the stock wandering too far, English Nature, DEFRA and Exmoor National Park will pay £30000 toward the cost of a fence and two cattle grids. This will also keep the goats from wandering into the village and eating flowers in gardens. So now, hopefully, the council will stop talking about a cull and see the great benefit and attraction Lynton has in having a herd of native wild goats on its doorstep.

Last year the council voted to have the fence, this March it decided not to have the fence, in April it rescinded the March decision and now in May it has decided on the fence again. Let’s hope this decision stands. Very many thanks to everyone who wrote, emailed, phoned their support. The tremendous outcry over their March decision

Elaine Drewe