From Colin (A personal View)

I gather that at the roundup some 66 goats were treated by Market Vets and they finished about noon. Two nannies had serious mastitis of the udder and had to be put down. Generally the rest of the goats were in good condition. Apparently the contraceptive group were not there as they had not been informed in time by the town clerk.

From Estates meeting I gathered that the Council has signed a new HLS agreement but the grazier has declined. Natural England will only give a grant for new fencing. That is along the line from the gate on the coastal path, around the area of Villa Spaldi and upwards to Hollerday Hill, where the current fence does not follow the land ownership boundaries. The Council have to pay repairs to the current fence out of a annual £10,000 which covers other items such as clearing bracken. Dr Ulf-Hansen is still insisting that this can be done by herbicide spraying without removing the livestock ( despite makers and NE herbicide handbook advice). I am unsure if this also include gorse clearance, which would seriously affect the goats as this is their major winter food. There is a thick paper containing all of the details but I am not sure if this is available for public access. So what the Council is planning to do to keep the goats from invading the Town this winter I do not know.

I suspect that they will try to keep them out of Hollerday Hill which is different from out of the Town. The simple answer to the latter is to put up a 5 foot fence from the allotments along to Derek Bishop's house and move the gate up to the tip down towards the road. There are already 2 gateposts in position. As far as I am aware the section behind the old cemetery along to Honey Pot Cottage is fairly goat proof. They can get into the cemetery but only came into the town when the gate latch was broken. That only leaves a small length from Honeypot down to Ingelside and a gate and small length of fence by the collapsible posts on track up Hollerday Hill. That would have to be paid for by the Council themselves but it would keep the goats out of the town But of course Cllr. Hibbert is in the Hollerday Hill group and wants to keep them out of Hollerday Hill with all of her replanting ideas and grants. So no doubt the goats will be back in town again

Dr Colin Ridsdale

5th October 2014