After settling in on South Cleave We decided it was time to move And explore the rest of the Valley. If we are in the Valley bottom Everyone stops to look at us, we have even increased the takings of the car park but the Town Hall is so stingy that it will not put up signs on the gates telling some stupid humans to keep their dogs under control. If they start nipping our tendons they can expect a hefty kick from our hooves

We make it up the zigzag path and sometimes graze up above the Roman Fort. So we are doing a good job, grazing, trampling, and we love nibbling the gorse. We are also doing our best to support Lynton & Lynmouth in bloom to ensure a gold medal again. However the humans have not yet started to collect and recycle our valuable products. Some are even complaining !

Perhaps some would also put up a sign to tell the visitors that we are conservation grazers, and proud of it, we do not like to be offered human junk food.

We are hard working Conservation grazing ponies just doing our job