Roundup Tuesday 18th June 2013

The day was a success.  The weather was good and 66 goats were rounded up and treated for the usual worms, tics and parasites.  The goats were all in good condition.  Female goats and kids were all given a contraceptive injection and these will be monitored at the Autumn roundup and for the next 2 years.  80% of the herd will have had contraceptive treatment.  This will control our numbers and bring us down to our target figure over the next two years.

14 goats were rounded up but escaped and 9 billies were left for the Autumn roundup, as the priority was to roundup all the nannies.

The day started at 4 am.  Jill Mills, Matthew Pearce and Alastair Rodway did a complete search of the area including Hollerday Hill.

At 6am the roundup commenced.  The main herd were spread out across the sea cliffs above North Walk which was not ideal.  However, by10am 66 goats were in the enclosure and the vets and scientists could start checking and treating them and recording data.  At the Autumn roundup in late September, they will be monitored and this will also continue also at roundups in 2014 and 2015.

Our thanks go to those who worked so hard to achieve this, as it was not one of our easiest roundups.  Those taking part were:

Somerset Volunteer Network, RSPCA, Lee Abbey, Friends of the Goats, Matthew Pearce, Jill Mills Alastair Mundell, John McGowan, Alastair and John Rodway, Councillors Tony Meakin, Bernard Peacock, Ian Rigby and Town Clerk Kevin Harris.

Vets: Rachel and Turlough [Market Vets] N Clayton [Goat Veterinary Society].  Dr Dave Cowan's team[3].[AHVLA] [formerly FERA].

Thank you to Market Vets for their services, Jacqui [Mother Meldrum's] for teas and coffees, Diana Lewis for the loan of the horsebox[NDAA],Barbrook village hall for accommodating the Somerset Volunteer Network, Barbrook Filling Station for providing parking and vet Nick Clayton[Goat Vet Society]

Thank you also to all who so generously have given donations including Exmoor National Park Authority to help fund this Contraceptive programme.  We will still continue fundraising as monitoring the goats will continue for the next two years.

Elizabeth Rodway