Two thirds of the Billies have been culled by order of the Council, who in a Parish Council meeting state they want to do this on an annual basis. All of the magnificent older Billies are dead, nobody knows if the horns were once again removed for trophies.


This question has been asked before, at the last cull. At that time Councillor Simms, who sanctioned that cull stated " a management plan would need to be put in place for future use".(NDJ 29.04.04. This plan which has taken 3 years to formulate is cull anything when we do not know what to do. Now, according to the Council minutes of 5th of April a Herd Management System will be put into place. There is already a VoR Management Committee. Looking at the Minutes of the Parish Meeting this would seem to be a culling another 41 goats and billies to reduce the number to the minimum viable herd (42) which is 38 below the requirement of the grazing agreement!

Indeed the Council are proud to state "that they had been against the introduction of a fence and cattle grids" Like the Parish Church clock, time stands still in Lynton, moving forward to a new situation, a new challenge in a new millennium, seems to be difficult for some.

It looks like the VoR is being turned into a hunting safari park, where nobody in the Council is in control.

About 1/3rd of the billies escaped the cull. It is said that 20 were culled on the wrong side of the fence. Multiple Dog walkers found blood patches on the right side of the fence on the zig zag path and in the area of the Cricket Pavilion:- so what happened who knows? For the 3rd time the Council did not request an independent RSPCA observer. WHAT HAVE THEY TO HIDE ?


The official story does not match the known facts, and more facts emerge with time

In the meantime some of the billies have regrouped and returned to their conservation grazing task. People forget their important function!

Others seem to consider that it is essential for survival to attract tourist attention, to justify all of the postcards sold in the village.

The nannies and kids group usually remain together as they were not affected by the cull