The nanny group and the kids are usually to be seen around Rugged Jack and the lower slopes of Castle Rock including the bracken near the round about.

The largest number counted was 55, which with about 20 billies around puts the population at about 75-80 goats at present. 

Usually higher up on the slopes you can see a couple of the older leading nannies on the look out.

The kids are often browsing near their mother and often dash to mum for an extra bit of milk.

However, some days they all simply disappear and we assume they are down on the steep sea cliffs and out of view.

The billies are scattered into several small groups, which are seen at various places around the Valley. It is interesting to note that they are often seen high on South Cleave in the vicinity of the ponies. We all hope that they will continue to browse this area.

Matriarchal nanny keeping an eye on things
Where is mum I need topping up after nibbling the gorse-it is hot today